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Jumia Studio & Content Services (VAS) is a series of processes introduced to enhance and optimize the content of all products listed on Jumia to impact sales and overall customer experience positively.

These processes are carried out internally by a team of professional Jumia Staff to ensure all products are in accordance with the set standards.

Our Value Added Services (VAS) will ensure:

  • Improved Content Creation¬† (Description, Key features, Granular Category Placement & Filter Management)

  • Automatic Quality Approval – (ByPass QC Wait time)

  • Routine Content Clean Up & Upgrade

  • Image Optimization – Multiple Views, High Quality & Themed Product Images

  • Embedded Existing Youtube Review Video (Added Fee to create)

There are 3 Facets of Jumia Studio & Content Services namely:

  • Studio VAS

  • Content VAS

  • Product Creation VAS

All 3 Facets have packages uniquely designed to cater for mid tail and long tail sellers only.

The Content Valued Added Service comes with an exciting package for Unboxing Videos.

Our professional team can create high quality unboxing videos for Home Appliances, Devices, Mobile Phones, Computers and much more.

Studio Value Added Services

Our Studio Valued Added Service comes with a variety of packages designed to meet all your product listing needs

Content Valued Added Service

Our Content Valued Added Service are tailored to ensure your products get the right visibility and all the key details needed to shape the customer’s journey and final buying decision.