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Training Methods:100%Online
Benefits: Study anytime anywhere and at any pace using your computer, tablets, or phone Certification: Receive highly valued and internationally recognized certificate immediately at the end of course completion, to boost your curriculum vitae(CV). Online Training + Certificate = N5,000

 Introduction. What is Negotiation?
 Preparing the Negotiations
 In the room: the actual negotiation stage
 Negotiation strategies
 Countering manipulation and psychological press
 Post-negotiation stage
 Special negotiation stage
 Understanding the need for negotiation skills in business
 Identifying the characteristics of a good negotiator
 Identifying individual negotiating styles
 Knowing and applying the steps in the negotiation process
 Explaining strategies that could be used in negotiation
 Preparation – information gathering and goal setting
 Developing communication skills essential to negotiate successfully
 Gaining confidence – demonstrating persuasive and assertiveness techniques
 Achieving the best deal/outcome possible
• At the end of the Training, Successful candidates will be issued professional Certificates from Jobskills Training Institute, with a wide range of international and Local accreditation .
Training syllabus base on international curriculum of best practice and delivered by Certified instructors with years of industry-based experience

• We implore you to join the long list of Successful Graduates of Jobskills Training Institute , that have been gainfully employed by multinational companies ,within and outside Nigeria , with our Internationally recognized certificates which contains accreditation as authority, and quick Certificate Verification and validation by employers from our website @
• Jobskills Training Institute Accreditations –
Certificate to be issued will be printed with our accreditation partner’s logos as approval seals for:

1. World Safety Organization (USA)
2. Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria(ISPON)
3. Oil and Gas Trainers Association Of Nigeria(OGTAN)
4. Nigerian council for Management Development(NCMD)
5. Nigerian Red cross Society(NCRS)
6. Industrial training Fund (ITF)
7. Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)

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