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Programming have always been a thing of interest for me especially python programming language, which I love for its simplicity and also powerful, so my aim is to teach beginners this language and those interested in taking it further in the data analysis field which will give you more edge than our Excel counterparts because of its flexibility, hit me up on WhatsApp to know more.

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Python programming language is a powerful and simple language that most programming Enthusiast must have come across.

in this platform, I will be teaching the basics of python to beginners and gradually we’ll advance to the use of python for data analysis (which is called the new oil) giving you an edge over excel users
Data Analysis is known to be the new oil and people are venturing into the field day by day but the question is what gives you edge over the majority?

most data analyst make use of Excel for their analysis but with more demand of certain results there isn’t much Excel can offer but with Python programming language, the power to manipulate data to acquire results are unlimited, and it’s also simple to learn.



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