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I am Adewale Adeyemi Oluwafemi from Ipe Akoko, Ondo state. Studying Graphic design in the Federal University of Technology Akure. A designer, Portrait artist, marketer, writer, poet and an affiliate.

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I am a student of the Federal University of Technology Akure, studying Graphic design in the department of industrial design.

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Product branding
$ 30.00 6 Days

Graphic design plays a significant role in the decision-making process. Companies that invest in quality graphic design are perceived to be more trustworthy. Presentation and perception can make or break any business. People are looking for signs of professionalism to convince them that you can be trusted. One such sign is the way that you present yourself. It’s important to present yourself in the best possible way by investing in quality graphic design.

Whether it’s in print or online, from business cards to billboards, logos, packaging design, fliers, even legal services and much more, AGILECHEETAHS stands ready to meet your graphic design needs. We appreciate the importance of great graphic design and our team of designers is passionate about making you look good. We will consult with you to get a true feel of your needs before we begin the task of turning your idea into an image that you’ll love.

Are you ready to take the first step? Please directly message us or call us on the following numbers :

. +2348135216191, +2347033829757, +2348073670416.


. _Speed, Accuracy and Trustworthiness_

Mock up
Product branding
$ 35.00 7 Days
We AGILECHEETAHS use our graphics design skills to communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through both physical and virtual art forms that include images, words, or graphics for our clients.


Our goal of graphic designing is to make the organizations that hire us recognizable and prominent. By using a variety of media they communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and promotions. These media include fonts, shapes, colors, images, print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards. We often collaborate on projects with artists, multimedia animators, and other creative professionals.
Product branding
$ 35.00 6 Days
Product branding
$ 35.00 7 Days
Promotion Advert
$ 50.00 / Day



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    Good day Mr/Mrs ……. I am anxious to find out if our graphics work service could be profitable to you. It has save a lot of time, create more awareness to customers and out-of-pocket expenses to other businessmen. But I don't know anything about your business ~ so I don't know how it might help you solve any present problems. Would you mind taking a few minutes to tell me how you handle your business advertisement, what challenges you are facing about getting more customers, or just tell me how I can help by providing my dedicated services?

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